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Overwhelmed again…

September 18, 2007

I wrote about a month ago about being overwhelmed. Now that I’m getting used to seminary, I’m less so. I’m learning to say no. I’m learning to manage my time better. (Thank goodness for all those busy weeks as a youth minister!) And overwhelmed is taking on a new meaning for me. Overwhelmed used to be such a bad word. Overwhelmed with e-mail. Overwhelmed with phone calls. Overwhelmed with church politics. The response to this overwhelmed is stress, lack of joy and peace, and frenzy.

Now I am overwhelmed with the incredible things God is doing around me. Overwhelmed with the beautiful campus and the incredible way things have come together in my life the past few months. Overwhelmed with the peace that I am in the right place… The response to this feeling is peace, comfort, understanding, joy…

Yes, of course I still get overwhelmed with driving all over creation, trying desperately to get everything accomplished (I’m currently sitting in the library completely revising my Christian Heritage paper… Jeremy is sleeping in the chair next to me…) and lack of sleep. But now I am much more peaceful. I have made wonderful friends at Perkins. I am having incredible experiences reading, learning, and socializing. Doors are opening occupationally that I never expected. I am working less, stressing less, making a difference, and making money. Sweet.

Rethink overwhelmed. Find peace. Make the tough decision. Care about yourself. Forget guilt. Find peace.

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