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May 20, 2008

My life is getting somewhat more interesting now that school is out. Some of it is worth documenting. Some of it is entertaining. Enjoy.

Finals ended last Tuesday. I got two A-s and one A for the semester. Best grades since middle school, I’m confident. I feel great about the incredibly hard work I did this semester. I feel good about the decision to live alone. I feel good about studying alone while also maintaining a healthy social life both at school and outside of school.

I am working a lot this summer. I will be doing some interim stuff at FUMC Coppell while they look for Julie’s replacement. I’m focusing on administration and Senior High students. It’s fun and a great outlet for me. I’m also doing summer stuff for C2K, Connect to the Kingdom, a mission organization in Dallas. This summer we will host 400 students from Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma, facilitating work for them around Dallas. They will primarily do home repair for elderly folks who need it in South and West Dallas. I will also continue chugging along at Youth Ministry Associates doing things for Charles and Andy, trying to make their life easier while utilizing my gifts in administration and organization…and refining my web design skills. One new thing I am very excited to add to my plate is working with Rebekah at Moms Out Loud. Rebekah and her family have become family to me over the past year and I am thrilled to join her as she begins this new adventure. You can learn much more and read her fantastic blog at I’m very excited to be taking this step with her. I will also be taking a class on Monasticism in Oklahoma for about a week in June, bridesmaiding in a wedding in July, and going to Lubbock both more than I’d like and less than I wish. (Lubbock is hardly exiting…Julie living there is terribly sad!)

The last week of July I will leave for Puerto Rico for about 3.5 weeks. I am spending time with a dear friend Lisa, and her family. Lisa and I have been friends for about three years, the length of her stay in Frisco. Her husband’s job is moving them for 3-4 years to a suburb in PR. To help Lisa and her sweet kids get settled, I’m headed down to stay with them. They have a pool, I’ll have my own room, and Lisa is excited to have an extra set of hands to show the kids the beach, rain forests, and all that Puerto Rico has to offer. I cannot wait.

I’ve been walking and training like a crazy woman. Official training for the 3-day begins on May 26th, but I’ve already walked about 150 miles since I signed up in February. It’s fun, healthy, and relaxing. My society of women is also going strong. We finished up Job’s Three Simple Rules and breezed through the Social Principles. We had some GREAT discussions about ordination, homosexuality, and doing no harm. We have gotten to know each other better and created an environment of healthy, mind-opening discussion. We never agree, but we always respect. It has been a wonderful addition to my week, each week.

My sister graduated from college last Saturday. Because of finals, I was unable to make it for the actual ceremony, but I flew in for the big party. I finished up my finals Tuesday morning, had meetings all day, and didn’t start packing until 10pm. Wednesday I started the day feeding the kitties a week’s worth of food before heading to another meeting and getting to the airport. I sat in front of the noisest threesome of strangers I’ve ever encountered. They discussed all things teen-aged and I could hear them over the roar of the engine AND my ipod on high. I landed hungry and agitated. Courtney and I went for a glorious walk around mom’s neighborhood a few times, went shopping, and shared books. We watched every episode of Jon & Kate plus 8 on OnDemand. Mom sewed up Howie so he won’t leak rice and beans anymore. Mom and I went to church on Sunday morning, but that’s another story for another day! Courtney and I bought beautiful dresses and commiserated about how Mom is losing her memory…or mind, we aren’t sure. Overall, it was fantastic. The graduation party was a lovely effort with wonderful food and lots of flowers…and a three-tiered cake. It was great to see family and old friends. I slept a lot and finished a book. I discovered why I can never have cable, especially with OnDemand.

I tried to get on an earlier flight to get home to see the kitties earlier than 10pm. They’ve been without any human contact for 6 days! Thank goodness I didn’t, because once I got to my seat, there was a sweet young boy who wanted to sit near his girlfriend. He traded me my seat (26F) for his (6E) in first class! I discovered that I can sit criss cross apple sauce (PC Indian Style!) in a first class seat. I had two glasses of white wine, a multi-grain roll, mushroom tortellini, a salad with cheese, and chocolate ice cream with raspberry sauce and little pieces of cheesecake on top. I had packed a pb&j to eat with my complementary diet coke in coach. Life is good.

Tomorrow I’ll get things settled after being away from the church for a week. I’ll clean my apartment and cuddle with my kitties. I’ll meet with someone who wants me to babysit. I’ll do laundry and walk 3.5 miles. I’ll prepare for a fantastic dinner with my society. But right now, I’m going to snuggle up with a great book and maybe a third glass of wine. Life is good.

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