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June 3, 2008

Recently I’ve been contemplating what it means to be content. I try to be content in all circumstances, but that’s a huge challenge. It’s easy to find peace and contentment in normal, everyday life. I have days where I can smile because bluebonnets are blooming on my patio, sparrows are flying outside my door, and the sun is shining. But then 5 minutes later I am frustrated about the traffic caused by construction, running late, and dang it’s getting hot in Texas! All of this before I ever have any human interaction…And dealing with people is certainly the real test for maintaining contentment!

I was meeting with a group of high school girls last night and we started talking about contentment. One of them said that the key to contentment is not taking anything for granted. Genius! I made the analogy that contentment can be like balancing on a balance beam. It’s easy to stay balanced when you are focused…arms out, eyes focused, unmoving. The key to staying balanced on a beam is paying attention. Once that focus is lost and your mind wanders, falling is easy. And even the most focused balancer can tumble with a good kick in the knees.

Contentment can go as quickly as it comes with a good kick…and sometimes life can kick. Remaining focused on abundance and not taking anything for granted seems to be the key for contentment. Today I’m going to attempt to stay focused on the blessing in my life and hope that even when (I wish I could say if!) life kicks me, I’ll be able to hold on.

In the spirit of being thankful here are a few things I’m thankful for today:
1. Friends on DVD

2. GREAT books

3. the ability to watch last night’s Bachelorette on tonight without commercials!

4. my nike plus

5. sunshine with a nice breeze

6. my sweet kitties

7. a job that I love

8. This Day

9. yummy casserole (I’ll post the recipe soon!)

10. ordering things online. 😉

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