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It’s gettin’ hot in here.

July 10, 2008

I don’t know why I’m always surprised when summer hits Texas, but I always am. Several times a week during this time of year I touch my steering wheel after my car has been sitting out in the sun for 8 hours. Mistake. I suppose you can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey out of the girl.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and researching about young adult programs and the United Methodist Church. On a walk the other day, I had the idea that perhaps I need to start collecting data from young adults both in the church and outside in order to help local UMCs better meet the needs of this generation. I’m starting to create a survey that eventually I’ll send out to churches to circulate among young adults to get a better idea of what brings them to church and what drives them away. Building new buildings, installing flat screens on every wall, and electric guitars are not what is attracting twenty-somethings to church. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what it is that DOES bring twenty-somethings to church, but I’m hoping that I’ll start to figure it out soon. (I have some ideas, but I’m not going to post them yet. When the survey is done, I’ll post it to get your opinions!) My plan is to make this project of passion in Puerto Rico.

Another thing I’ve discovered this week is that as much as I long for community and enjoy true, authentic fellowship, my shyness keeps me from bringing others into that mix. I know that many of you are laughing right now, thinking that I’m the furthest thing from shy. I’m definitely not quiet, but I am shy. I don’t know why, but I just don’t like talking to people that I don’t know. I get very nervous and often feel like I’m forcing them to buy something that they don’t need. As a teenager, I was abrasive and moderately annoying. I’m not saying that I’ve abandoned these qualities, but I think that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned from repeatedly putting my foot in my mouth. I still use sarcasm, but I’m nicer than I used to be. This, of course, is wonderful, but leaves me often feeling very shy. Honestly, most days I’d rather cuddle with Sophie and Oliver and a great book than meet someone new. I am just finding this out about myself.

However, I do enjoy company very much. Today is Thursday, which means I’m headed to dinner tonight with my SS class. We’re meeting in Aubrey tonight for Fajitas at Ginny and David’s house. I always look forward to Thursdays. I am pretty sure this will be my last Thursday night dinner with the gang for a while. Next Thursday is Renee’s bachelorette party in Oklahoma City and the following Thursday is our first Moms Night Out at MomsOutLoud! Exciting times, but I’ll definitely be missing my Thursday night friends. When I return from PR, I start school the following week. My schedule on Thursdays keeps me on campus until 6:30pm. 😦 That was a silly idea!

I leave you today with a picture of me and my two favorite girls, Rachel and Haley. 🙂

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