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Hanukkah Birthday in Puerto Rico!

August 3, 2008

Several years ago I convinced my friends to celebrate my birthday for like 2 weeks and they called it the Hanukkah Birthday Extravaganza. The little man turned 2 yesterday and we are still celebrating hard today! It’s definitely the kind of birthday that I like to be apart of. 🙂

This morning Lisa and I left the kids and went to check out an Iglesia Metodista. Sadly, it will mostly likely not be their family church. Happily, we had a wonderful time and were definitely supposed to be there this morning because of the people we met and the information we learned. Evidently (although the internet does not make this obvious) there are 105 Iglesia Metodista in the metropolitan area. We learned from the retired elder (with his DMin!) who was preaching that Sunday that there is even a Iglesia Metodista in our town! I imagine we will most likely be checking that one out soon.

I was beyond excited about church this morning and I was not disappointed. We arrived a few minutes early and had time to chat with the retired clergy and a few congregants before the service started. It was all in Spanish as Lisa and I were the only non-native speakers there, but everyone did an incredible job of at least translating themselves for us. The sermon was entirely in Spanish but a sweet woman sat with us and translated the whole thing. The lectionary text was the feeding of the 5,000 and the sermon was excellent. He made several excellent points including it was Jesus’ hands that made all the difference, Jesus told the disciples to do something and even though they had very little they were able to make monumental things happen, and some pretty good stuff about the church stepping up to support pastors. He opened his sermon with a discussion about the minimal resources that churches have, even lacking the ability to pay pastors a full salary. It was awesome. He was muy interesante!

The church did not have central air and was basically just the one small sanctuary, so it was VERY warm. We were meeting Tom and the kids, so we left before communion (over 90 minutes into the service) to head over to the splash park! The kids LOVED it and it was GREAT fun! We are definitely going to have to go back. It is just a big fountain in the center of a city block across the street from the fort and ocean. Truly gorgeous.

After our fun adventure we all came home and during resting time, mom, dad, and I got together the things for the birthday party extravaganza! Tom put together the train table while Lisa made the cake. I made the train tracks for the train cake to sit on. It was a blast! We laughed and chatted until the kiddos woke up…and that’s when the real fun began! We had pizza, cake, and PRESENTS! I’ve never seen so much Thomas the Train stuff in my whole life. The little man was SO happy! He even brought 4 trains up with him to bed and wouldn’t listen to any stories because he was so in love with the trains. He probably would have played with his new train table all night had we let him!

Now it’s after 9pm and I’m exhausted. Tomorrow starts potty training which means it’s gonna be a girls day with just me and the little princess! I’m hoping for some great swimming all morning, a nice lunch, and maybe a trip to K-Mart. More than that, I’m praying that things go well here for the little man. Potty training is not easy for anyone, but Lisa’s a rockstar and I know she can do it. I just hope that I can make things a little easier for her by caring for the other child while she does the tough stuff!

Overall I was hit today with the joy that my life is blissfully happy. I am grateful to be living with one of the coolest families that I know in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I am blessed to have loving friends who are home taking care of my sweet kitties, watching my car, and making sure my apartment is still there when I get back. I am thankful for wonderful dear friends who would have watched my car, cats, and apartment but live in Atlanta, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Lubbock, or elsewhere… I have too many sweet people who do not live close enough to me. When I get back to Frisco, I’m starting a “Move to Frisco” campaign. Get ready!

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  1. Laurieo permalink
    August 4, 2008 12:31 am

    Hola Amiga,
    Usted tiene mucho apreciacion para su familia nuevo! Es mas importante para usted a visitar muchos inglesias, para una trabajar para su’s amigos!
    Did you get all of that? I am impressed with your Spanish already! What an amazing journey in your life. I love the birthday palooza………Lee pulled that last month when he said it was his ‘birthday month’ ….I’m adopting that idea for myself this year! I love cake!!
    Thank you for writing so discriptivly, I’m trying to visualize where you are and what it looks like….I can almost smell the ocean and feel the breeze. I love the pics too! Tell Lisa goodluck tomorrow with the birthday ‘potty’…boy does that bring back memories. Keep notes…you will need them one day!
    So, una persona intellegente ye mocho para usted? Keep looking and come home with Mr. Perfect…… are so deserving of a wonderful fun guy but in the right time. As for now, enjoy and drink up the life of oportunity!!
    Miss you and love you……..let me know if you need anything!
    Big Hugs from Texas,

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