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Potty Training in Paradise

August 4, 2008

I don’t have children. There are great reasons why I don’t have children. #5 is because I lack patience. Children require a great deal of patience. Lisa is teaching me incredibly about how to be patient with children. She is potty training the little man today. She uses a book that claims the principles will help you potty train your child in less than a day. Her experience has proved this to be moderately quicker than most kids can actually learn, but it seems to work nonetheless. The train table he got for his birthday last night has provided a wonderful diversion between potty breaks (which from my calculation seem to be every 3-4 minutes.) 🙂 Lots of juice, lots of potty breaks, and lots of candy incentives. He’s doing a GREAT job, but I’m more impressed with Lisa. The technique requires that you tell the child that mommy does not like wet pants while checking his pants every 90 seconds or so. If they are dry, excitement ensues. If they are wet, they sit on the potty and then go back to “practice.” (AKA go back to what he was doing before he went potty and acted out what he should have done to practice for the future). She has been firm, but loving with an abundance of patience all day. Thank goodness for tile floors!

The sweet girl and I have tried to make ourselves scarce all day with moderate success. She rode her bike to the park this morning and then we played in the pool for a while. Gotta love the pool! After lunch, we went out on our own to Grande, the grocery store. We got everything on our list but Rotel (Why don’t they have Rotel in Puerto Rico?) with only mild trouble. The store is set up just a little different than I’m used to and I had to go back and forth several times. The aisles are also narrow and hard to maneuver. I’m learning a lot of Spanish, but I’m still not 100% confident actually speaking it… I’m getting there. The biggest accomplishment of the trip (even bigger than getting almost everything on the list!) was not crying. 🙂 It was a struggle, but I did it.

After our trip, I unloaded the groceries, did some work, and relaxed while the kiddos slept. Then while the little man was potty training with mama, I made King Ranch Chicken. Even without the Rotel, it was pretty stinkin’ awesome. The recipe that I found was not the same as Susan’s, so I made some adjustments until it was the same as best as I could remember it. I also made corn dip and cooked some beans for black bean dip for tomorrow. While potty training was completely successful (as was the grocery store) it was definitely a rough day that needed to be rewarded with food. (I think I ate an entire pack of jelly beans that was supposed to be potty rewards…)

Tomorrow I’m going to take my camera on a walk. The flowers here are beyond gorgeous. Orchids grow in the trees. Get excited! Also, I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I got to play the maraca in church. How fun is that!? And because I’m talking about yesterday, I’m going to post pictures from the old camera that I took in Old San Juan.

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