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The Fight for the Title

August 6, 2008

Lisa and I have a running fight over who is the most neurotic woman living in this house. We are pretty evenly tied, I think. 🙂 We’re both a little neurotic. I can’t speak for Tom, but I’m pretty confident that the man in my life would say that I’m definitely the most neurotic woman in Puerto Rico…

Potty training has been going VERY well! We had NO accidents today and the little man even went for me! It was awesome. The folks went out to dinner and left me with the kiddos. I gave them ice cream and then we all took a shower. There are no bathtubs in paradise, so I’m used to donning a swimsuit and showering with little ones under feet. The kids went to bed with very little incident. Now I’m watching WifeSwap. 🙂

I left the house alone today…Only had to say No habla Espanol once… Evidently I do not know the Spanish for “This scale you are purchasing comes with a 1 year warranty for less than $5. Would you like to purchase it?” I’m really working on speaking Spanish out in public, but I just couldn’t say “Pardon?” and mean it. It was nice going to K-Mart by myself, though. I felt pretty brave and Lisa loved that I was running errands so she could relax. (And I was glad to do it because she deserved some quiet time while the kiddos slept!)

I received a report from my kitties today. (Thanks, Susan!) Susan and the twins stopped by and played with my Sophie and Oliver this morning for like an hour. Susan gave shy Sophie a greenie treat and then gave each of the babies a treat to give to Oliver, the attention whore. Then she went to give Sophie and Oliver food and water. She came back and Oliver was gone and Haley and Wesley had greenie all over their mouths. And when they found Oliver, he’d eaten the cheese crackers Susan had brought for Haley and Wesley. The funny part is not that the babies ate the cat treats. The funny part is that Oliver gave up on the cat treat in order to pursue crackers. 🙂 I’m glad that nothing has changed at home. I miss them like crazy, but it’s hard to be sad knowing it is at least 15 degrees warmer in Frisco and honestly, I’m living in paradise.

School starts tomorrow in Puerto Rico. Life’s going to start to have a completely new rhythm. I’m excited to see how the little princess thrives in her new school. She is going to be teaching me Spanish before too long! I’m also excited because I’m thinking about teaching. I’ve contemplated teaching high school for a long time, but I think what I’d really like to do is teach religious studies or Biblical studies in a high school. I’m doing some research, but I think that could be fun. Maybe a sweet little private school in a New Orleans suburb… Just buying time before I decide that I need my PhD. 🙂

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  1. mika permalink
    August 7, 2008 8:44 am

    nice new layout!
    i meant to ask you before, but you have seen the old 97s/rhett miller live, right? once when i went to see them, i can’t remember which time, they played that song question, and some couple got engaged right at the concert! how cute is that?!

    that story about your kitties is hilarious!

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