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Meth for short.

August 9, 2008

Well, today was a great day until I tumbled into the pool. It wasn’t clumsy exactly, it was just a poor judge of where exactly the edge ended. I was walking from the left of this picture to the right and went to step into the pool on the step and miss judged just slightly and totally tumbled into the pool. I banged up my knee and scraped my thigh.

The pictures of my injuries didn’t nearly do my pain justice, so I’ll wait until my knee swells up and turns purple. 🙂

I went for a good 4.5 mile walk today. Not as long as the 10 miles on the training schedule, but with the incredible hills in the neighborhood, I’m counting it as an accomplishment. 🙂

Lisa and I were both in somewhat of a funk after our swim party this afternoon. We had a delicious dinner a la Rachael Ray but nothing was really doing the trick. The kids felt it too and we were all dragging waiting for bedtime. Then we had a pretty rockin’ dance party. Firehouse, Bon Jovi, and Billy Joel cheered us all up as we spun and jumped in the living room. Things were looking up! After getting our pulse up, it was time to settle the kids with stories and bed. The kids were ready for bed when the little girl ran into my room yelling. Then I hear Lisa say, “Leanne, come in here…” in a voice I knew was serious. We had a lizard. It was a baby one and we couldn’t freak out because the kids were there…So, we captured Leo with a cup and piece of paper and threw the whole thing out the back door. A little more excitement!

THEN Lisa screams. I come running. The Thomas helium balloon hit the fan in Ava’s room and it was scary. So, I came running to laugh at Lisa for screaming. I hit the Thomas balloon and it flies into the play room fan and I scream. It’s very scary! More excitement. 🙂

Both kids are asleep now. Lisa and I are chatting and enjoying a class of wine. I put ice on my knee… It was swelling in two different places. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a nice bruise to share with y’all.

The kids playing in the play kitchen under the stairs.

The kids playing in the play kitchen under the stairs.

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