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Get off my pork.

August 14, 2008

I had the little man this morning so there was lots of excited potty time, bed jumping, and Diego. When Lisa returned from taking the little girl to school, we all went to the mall and did some shopping. I got some beautiful gifts to bring home with me. Get excited about that! They have a beautiful little shops at the mall where artists sell their hand-made Puerto Rican goods. Very neat.

After the mall the little man and I had lunch together and played with the train table. Then it was resting time and I went out to the pool to even out my tan from yesterday. Life’s tough. I’m reading a moderately good book. I’m about halfway through and I’m not convinced that I actually like it yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Because my normal sleep schedule has been somewhat interrupted, I took a lovely, lazy nap this afternoon. Getting back into the real world is going to be challenging! I also bought a new pair of shoes. They are my back to school shoes. One of the bonuses of my new living situation is that I will get to take the DART to school. But there will be opportunities for walking to and from Mockingbird Station and I think these shoes will be perfect for that.

The count down continues. I leave for Frisco one week from today. I can hardly believe it. And two weeks from today I will start class and leave for Slidell! I got my first syllabus today via e-mail. I already put all of the assignments on my calendar. Lots of reading, but only a midterm and projects/papers. Totally my speed. It’s World Religions, which I think will really be very challenging and interesting.

I worked very hard last semester to get good grades and have a better GPA than ever before in my life. I’m hoping that the distractions in my life will not get in the way of me graduating with honors. I’ve never had that sort of goal before, but I’ve also never known that it was possible to get straight As. We’ll see if I continue working hard or if life gets in the way and I slide back to my B+ ways. 🙂 Between a new living situation, a new love, and a potential out of state move, school might slowly move down a few notches on my list of priorities…understandably.

Tom’s coming home tonight, has a date night with his wife while I watch the kiddos tomorrow night, and Saturday we’re headed to the rain forest. Get excited!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am in fact clumsy. Everyday this week I have spilled something in the kitchen. Monday I spilled an entire cup of milk on the floor. It splattered on the window, dishwasher, ceiling, and fridge. Tuesday I spilled water all over the floor. Not as big of a deal, but equally as clumsy. Wednesday I spilled romaine lettuce all over the floor. Lisa wouldn’t let me just pick it up and put it back in the salad shooter. Probably because I’d spilled milk there two days before. Today I spilled a box of spaghetti on the floor. This wasn’t as big of a deal because it was going to be boiled anyway, killing all the germs that were on the floor from the previous three days. I’d never categorize myself as clumsy or a klutz, but being that I’ve falling into the pool and spilled some pretty massive things this week, I am submitting myself to being a little off this week causing me to be incredibly clumsy.

The Epworth house is GORGEOUS. Megan took pictures this evening. Hardwood floors throughout, a HUGE backyard, 2 car garage, and big laundry room. I’m glad it’s called Epworth and not Aldersgate. I’m still pretty mad at Aldersgate…

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  1. Jessica permalink
    August 14, 2008 11:17 pm

    I am so behind on all your PR escapades! I have not been checking your blog like I should be. It sounds like you’ve been having a blast. Tell Lisa I said hi and I’m jealous of all the beautiful blue skies and beaches in the pictures. I keep looking for sandy beaches here in Oklahoma, but I just can’t find them….

  2. August 15, 2008 10:50 am

    awww … there’s no reason to be mad at aldersgate …

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