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Nothing funny happened today

August 15, 2008

Today was lovely! I woke up to a dark room, which is unusual in paradise because of all the windows and sunshine. Today it rained. It rains most everyday here for a minute or two, usually when the sun is shining and there are hardly any clouds. But today it rained hard core. Poured for most of the day, in fact. This morning I decided that it would be a great day for crafts. I’ve had a few things on my list and with less than a week left in paradise, I decided now’s the time. So I ran to K-Mart to purchase the necessary supplies. When I got home I decided that it was not raining hard enough for a nice walk around the neighborhood. I was going to go to the new park Carmen told me about, but a couple miles around the neighborhood made more sense in the rain…

When I got back, Lisa and I had a wonderful time crafting. Together we made two beautiful frames for some gorgeous souvenirs that I purchased yesterday. Then I started a project that will last for a while… I’m making a cookbook notebook for the Epworth house. I bought a pretty, hardbound, spiral notebook and put in dividers for different sections. Then the fun began and I started adding recipes! If you have any to share, feel free. Especially if your name is Jessica and you have all my good recipes in YOUR cookbook notebook!

It’s date night around here so the kiddos and I had breakfast for dinner and a super fun dance party. Nothing like swinging and twisting to Love of a Lifetime. Makes me ALMOST want to have children. But not quite.

Tomorrow we’re all headed to the rain forest. I can’t wait! Except that there might be snakes. I’m a little weirded out by that and might have nightmares tonight… But other than irrational phobias, I’m excited. 🙂 I hope the weather is nicer than it was today. Evidently there is a tropical storm headed our way, so we might be in for rain for the next couple of days. I’ll have lots of pictures to share tomorrow!

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