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It’s hard to be sad when you’re happy.

August 19, 2008

Well, my time is paradise is quickly running out and I am nothing but sad about it. I woke up this morning and did Denise with the little man. He’s great at marching up and back. When Lisa got back I soaked up my time at the pool in the back yard and read a book. I only have about 3 pages left. Still not sure if it’s a good one… After we were all ready, we went to pick up the little girl and went to lunch. We went to a delicious sandwich place and bakery across the street. We took some yummy treats home with us.

The kids loved their donut and Lisa and I enjoyed our treats. I was impressed with myself for knowing the names of fruit in Spanish. The entire menu was in Spanish. The entire deli was in Spanish save the Olympics on the flat screens on the walls. After lunch we came back and I laid in the pool again before coming in and crashing for an hour in bed. Living in paradise is tough. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

What am I going to do when I have to get back to the daily grind? I already have my book lists and two syllabi for school. I have a to do list outlining all of the things I need to do day by day between Friday and the following Wednesday. I hope to get mostly completely moved in to Epworth by the time school starts. And I have a ton of mail to go through because I ordered all of my books and several other things online while I was gone. 😉 I’m excited about the new adventure I’m taking in Dallas. I’m excited to get back to school and get back into the swing of things there. I’m beyond excited to go to Slidell on Thursday after class. I can’t wait to go on the Ghost Tour downtown and to Pat O’Briens. I am more than excited to see my favorite man. When I return to Tejas from my romantic weekend, I’ll hit the ground running with fundraisers, training walks, papers, exams, class, work, and the beginnings of the new ministry the Epworth girls and I will have in Garland. Life is exciting and scary and new, but overall good.

That being said, I can’t think about leaving paradise and I’m in complete denial. I have been so blessed to stay with Tom, Lisa, and their family. This has been an absolutely incredible experience. I could not have processed the incredible life changes that God has thrown at me without them. I learned how to be a family. I’ve learned how to be an excellent wife and mother. And I’ve learned to be a great cook. They have made a lasting impression on my life and in my heart. I’ll miss the little man and his princess sister. I can’t imagine what I’m going to do without them. I’m thankful that I’ll be moving in with such incredible women next week. I’m thankful that I’ll have the opportunity to serve in hospitality along side them. That will be exciting. And then I will begin a new chapter of my life in Garland.

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