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Joy is here

August 20, 2008

I was listening to some great music in the car on my way to K-mart today recognizing the gorgeous scenery here in sunny Puerto Rico. The weather is perfect, the mountains are picturesque, and I am deeply sad to leave. I spent this morning in the pool beginning a new book that will accompany me on my journey home tomorrow. As sadness consumed me, I became overwhelmed with the incredible joy in my life. I feel so loved here in Puerto Rico. The island is absolutely breath-taking. Tonight Lisa and I are going on a Biobay excursion and I expect to fall more in love with Puerto Rico than I even am right now. I am so blessed to have a home here.

On the other side of this coin, I get misty thinking about going home and cuddling with my cats, seeing my church friends, getting back to Moms Out Loud, moving into Epworth, and starting school again. I know that I have many new adventures for me this year with school, Epworth, church, etc. I’m thankful that I have such a comfortable home in the metroplex.

I am also consumed with excitement about my upcoming trip to New Orleans. I can’t wait to meet new friends, worship at Aldersgate, and see Slidell as a potential new home. I am overwhelmed with joy that Jarrod wants to share his world with me.

And then there’s my hometown where my family is. I’m missing my sister like crazy. I know someday we’ll live down the street from each other and watch our kids play in the sprinkler together drinking cheap beer and wondering if we’re messing them up as much as our family messed us up. 🙂 I know that once fall hits Texas (I’m only know because the calendar will tell me; the weather and trees never seem to know) I will miss the northeast and my family even more. Especially since I currently have no trips planned that direction any time soon.

It’s clique and I rarely say this, but I am incredibly blessed. I have so many wonderful places to call home that I can hardly be sad about leaving Puerto Rico. I am torn, however. A feeling that I know very well and imagine will come to feel with increased regularity.

How can you look at those sweet kids and NOT want to stay with them!?

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