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Sophie and Oliver say hello!

August 24, 2008

Well, I’ve been back in Tejas for a few days now and have barely had time to process what is going on, let alone write about it. I returned home on Thursday evening and was bombarded by the two sweetest kitties in the whole world. They were very well cared for, but missed me terribly. Oliver has not left my side for more than 2 minutes since I got back.

I spent Friday running errands, meeting with friends, and getting my apartment organized and packed. I got to go over to my new house in Garland and check everything out. It is beyond gorgeous. My room is small, but the house is perfect. I have a sweet day bed and I bought a nice bed spread in chocolate brown. Saturday I went to the Breast Cancer 3-day Dallas/Ft. Worth Expo. It was GREAT to see friends again and get excited about the 3-day again. I got some cute shoe laces and was encouraged to go purchase a cute walking skirt. Thankfully I didn’t get it at the expo, but bought one at Target for $30 cheaper. 🙂 I also made another trip over to the house and unloaded some more things.

Sunday I went back to church, which was WONDERFUL! I’ve missed my Sunday school class so much. Church was great. Then I went to see Susan, Jason, Rachie, and the babies. It was awesome. I love those kids. 🙂 Then it was moving time! I made two large trips over to the house. My apartment is almost completely empty. My goal is to have everything but the few pieces of furniture that I’m taking by Wednesday. I am well on my way. I am storing a bunch of my things in the garage and I haven’t packed those things up yet, but as I am typing, my car is packed with my desk and all the clothes that I won’t be wearing tomorrow, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Things are really coming along. Which is good, because school starts on Thursday!

One thing that overwhelmed me upon returning from paradise was the incredible support system that I have in Dallas. The ladies on my 3-day team are remarkable. Rebekah is fantastic. My Sunday school class loves me. I have so many people here that support me and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. I am having a lot more trouble thinking about moving than I was when I was in paradise. I’ve completely given up on the idea of a Vegas wedding. I know I can’t live in Dallas forever, but Dallas will always be home and I am so thankful for such wonderful friends who have become my family.

I’m going to close with this one thought. On my way home from church today a man in a suburban next to me made a very vulgar sexual gesture at me. It was crude and disgusting. I told my sister and she agreed. Then she said, “I wish I could tell people like that, ‘Smile and say hi to me! That’s a better way to get me to like you.'”

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