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Mr. & Mrs. Lindgren

September 28, 2008

This weekend Jarrod and I went to Monroe, Louisiana. Neither of us were aware that there is NOTHING to do in Monroe! We saw two movies: My Best Friend’s Girl and Righteous Kill. The movie theatre across the street from where we were staying had matinee movies for $2.50, which was awesome. Neither of those movies were awesome, however, so it’s good it didn’t cost us much! We stayed right by the mall, so we walked around and had our choice of places to eat. The closest grocery store was NOT close and when we got there we decided we’d just rather have pizza anyway… 🙂 We watched the debate eating pizza and drinking beer. I can’t imagine a better night. It was lovely. We had strong feelings about the candidates and had some good conversation the next day. (I fell alseep on Friday night at 10pm!)

Jarrod and I also switched desks this weekend. His desk fits much better in my room and holds ALL of my things. My TV now sits 5′ up rather than 3, so now I can see it when I watch TV in bed. It’s smaller, so there is plenty of floor space around it, which just makes me feel better about life. I hope Jarrod enjoys my desk (from Julie) as much as I like his!

I’ve also recommited myself to training everyday again. I’ve been a little lax about my 3-day training. It’s hard to force myself out of bed before the sun EVERY DAY. I bought some new shoes today at DSW. I need two pairs of shoes for training, so I bought a pair today in order to have them broken in by the 3-day. Just in case you haven’t been counting, but the 3-day is in 39 short days! It’s time to get walking and raising money! I’m just $678 away from my goal. If you haven’t donated yet, now is the PERFECT time as I’m starting to worry about the last little bit.

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  1. Janet Odom permalink
    September 29, 2008 5:23 pm

    Why Mr and Mrs Lindgren, is he taking your name? Will Monroe contiune to be the place to meet or do you have to scope some more interesting places.

    The desk look good. YOu did good to get it back by yourself. Now there is no reason for you not to do your homework.

    Just so you know, I sent in my 3 day donation today. Don’t know how long it will take to post but it will be coming Had to spread my money around as so many of you are my friends, but hope it helps. Most of all, just kick butt, I am SO TIRED OF THIS STUPID CANCER ! !


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