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5 weeks and counting…

October 2, 2008

Less than 30 minutes after sending an e-mail to a bunch of people that I know and love, I received a donation from someone else (who did NOT receive that e-mail!) bumping my total donations to: $1,623!!! This is absolutely incredible and so excitng. This means I am just $577 away from my total.

$2,200 is not a random goal. It is the required donation minimum that each participant must reach in order to walk in the 3-day. If I do not raise that money, I pay that money. The proceeds go to fund research for a cure for breast cancer.

Here’s a little snippet of what my e-mail said…

That’s right. Five weeks from tomorrow, VERY early in the morning, I will begin a three day journey walking 60 miles to help fight breast cancer. I have been training for this day since about this time last year. In that time I have logged countless miles across 5 states and Puerto Rico, purchased 5 pairs of new balance tennis shoes, and found out the importance of really good socks. I have met incredible women (and men!) who have had their lives touched in some way by breast cancer and are doing something to fight back. We are walking because one in eight women in the US will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. This means that if you do not know someone who has fought breast cancer, you will.

My dear friend Janet has been battling cancer for years. I am walking for her and she says, “Most of all, just kick butt, I am SO TIRED OF THIS STUPID CANCER ! !”  Thirty years ago my grandmother was told to get her things in order and say goodbye. I am so thankful for medicine, doctors, and research that has made it possible for Janet to fight. But there is still work to do.

I am currently $577 away from my goal of $2,200. Many companies will match donations; make your donation go that much farther! Forward this e-mail on to someone you know that wants an opportunity to help fight for people who are battling breast cancer. If you have a connection to breast cancer or want to help fight ALL kinds of cancer, donate today. Even $5 helps. (But $500 helps more!) 🙂 More women and men need to be given the chance to fight. More children deserve know their grandparents. More people will be given a lifetime because of your donation. You can donate by clicking here.

This e-mail might make some of you uncomfortable. We don’t want to talk about money, especially when the economy is so uncertain. Honestly, it makes me uncomfortable as well. I don’t want to talk about money. But I also don’t want to lose anyone else to this horrible disease. That makes me more uncomfortable than asking for money ever will. Do not feel the pressure to donate. I’ll love you no matter what. If you want to share your story of breast cancer with me, I’d be glad to listen. I will add your loved one to the list of people I am walking for. Please keep me in your prayers. It’s always free to pray!

Please keep my team in your prayers as we prepare over the next 5 weeks and especially on November 7th-9th. If you’re in the Dallas area and would like to know where the cheering stations are, let me know and I will send those your way as soon as they are published.

I’m going to take a picture of my purple toe and post it tonight or maybe tomorrow. 😉 Get excited about that. And maybe this weekend I will post about my life outside of training for the 3-day. There is life outside of the 3-day, but it mostly just consists of school and daydreaming.

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  1. October 3, 2008 11:32 am

    So glad I found you today! I’m walking in the Dallas Breast Cancer 3-Day as well. I hope your training is going well. I’ve got to kick mine into high gear this weekend!
    God bless and I’ll see you in Dallas.

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