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October 5, 2008

With just 5 weeks left to go, I am feeling the pressure to get training so that I do not have any surprises on the 3-day. I walked 15 miles yesterday and another 5.5 this morning. I would have gone further, but blisters and a pulled muscle prevented me. I have already learned a lot and thought that I’d share some pictures and the things I’ve learned. Beware: the pictures are gross. ☺

1)    Toe nails are overrated. I did not cut my toenails short before walking a few weeks ago and was left with this. I am currently taping it with athletic tape so that I do not lose it. Being ugly is fine with me. Losing my toenail before the walk even starts is not. I’m now cutting my toe nails especially short so this does not happen again. (Side note: I did not know I had a blister on my second toe until I saw this picture.)

2)    New skin is amazing. I’ve always been prone to blisters. It all started in 2nd grade when I went across the monkey bars for hours and tore up my hands like crazy. Years later, my poor feet would blister raw when I was rollerblading 15 miles a day. Now it’s my feet again from walking. It’s not the shoes. It’s not the socks. It’s me. I’m learning that socks make a huge difference. I’m learning that taping up my feet helps a lot too. But today I discovered New Skin. It is painted right on top of the blister and then when it pops, it’s protected and medicated. This is what my feet looked like after 15 miles.

3)    As much as I do not like walmart, I found a HUGE 30” bag with wheels and a separate section on the bottom for shoes and my airmattress. It’s incredible. I cannot wait to start packing because now I am confident that everything will fit. I also got an amazing pink poncho, body glide, and ANOTHER pair of walking shoes. The blisters that my new shoes gave me made me really consider going to Run On to get fitted. I’ve spent more money over the past week or so on New Balance walking shoes than I have on anything else. But I think I’m about done spending a great deal of money on this walk. I’m SO close to my goal. Just $542 to go! It’s not too late to donate.

I post these pictures and talk about the expense that I’ve gone to for this walk not to get sympathy. Yes, I hurt. Yes, it’s difficult to walk today. If it was easy, it would not serve the same purpose. It’s hard because cancer is hard. At least I know that on November 10th it will be over. Having cancer doesn’t have an end date. Cancer does a lot more damage than a few blisters and some sore muscles. This 60 mile walk is a big deal. I need your prayers and support. It is challenging. Cheerleaders are always appreciated…because when my feet look like this, it makes me not want to ever put on shoes again!

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  1. Janet Odom permalink
    October 6, 2008 10:22 am

    Ask Joyce Sutherland about the New Skin. She had some problems and it might have been from that.


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