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Oops, Ouch, Educate.

October 14, 2008

Just a quick note of update. 🙂

1) I learned a wonderful thing today that my new friend calls Oops, Ouch, Educate. It works like this: when someone says something that offends you, you say, “Ouch.” This allows them to say, “Oops!” Then you educate them on why what they said was offensive. What an incredibly helpful tool for ministry and life. I wish I had known about this when I was in full-time youth work!

2) Midterms are horrible, but thankfully I only have 2! I have my UM History midterm on Thursday. This will start the ball rolling on a variety of assignments, big and small, due between now and the 3-day, which is just 3.5 weeks away! (Which consequently means that I have two mid-terms, an interview and paper, book review, response, exegesis, Biblical storytelling exercise, and trip to Slidell all in the next 3.5 weeks!)

3) is finally live!!!

4) I’m just $300 short of my goal with 3.5 weeks left. Donate today. This is especially bittersweet because I received an e-mail last week that my friend Janet, who often reads and comments, is not doing well. She has been battling cancer for far too long. She’s tired and in a great deal of pain. My heart breaks for her and her family. Please think about Janet and her family and lift them up in prayer. And consider donating $5 or $300 in her honor.

That’s all I got tonight. My head is throbbing, my eyeballs hurt, and I have a few more JW sermons to read before hitting bed.

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