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Happy Happy Happy Happy Engagement!

October 28, 2008

Well, as hopefully many of you know, Jarrod and I are engaged! We spent most of yesterday on the phone with family and friends sharing our excitement. We could not be more excited! I know you have been anxiously waiting for the story. I’m thankful for the outlet because it’s not a simple, short story and I want to be able to share all of the details with everyone. ☺

Since Jarrod and I started dating three months ago, we have been very intentional about spending a weekend a month together. This weekend was my turn to come to Slidell. When I arrived at Jarrod’s apartment there were beautiful roses on the table. Don’t they make the beautiful paint job look great? (Jarrod painted the top of the table from red to black a few weeks ago.)

I flew in on Thursday evening and we snuggled watching Grey’s Anatomy with Lucy (the rat terrier) on the couch. We woke up on Friday and started planning our Halloween costumes. The 20-somethings Halloween Party from Jarrod’s church was Friday evening. I didn’t realize how hard-core they were about costumes, so I didn’t pack appropriately. Thankfully, I did pack a cute white blouse and tank top and Jarrod didn’t object to being the devil. After running around town for costumes, we got home and made the brownies and corn dip for the party, got dressed up, and headed out!

The 20-somethings are awesome! They were so gracious and warm to me; I was thankful to spend time with them in such a low-key setting. The girls accepted me immediately and I felt right at home. We ate, laughed, and then settled down to a game of Scategories. Suddenly and sadly, I felt ill and Jarrod and I needed to leave the party in a hurry. I will spare you details, but I will say that I slept Friday night on the bathroom floor. Not alcohol related, I promise you. Jarrod woke me up on Saturday morning after an anything but restful night. We went to blockbuster and CVS for meds, Gatorade, and movies and we set for a relaxing day. We went home and got out the air mattress to watch movies comfortably. I requested Made of Honor, which we watched first. Jarrod laughed the whole time and loved it; don’t let him tell you otherwise! It was a good movie. Jarrod made me eat some toast, which was probably a great idea. He took good care of me.

After the movie we went up to the church for him to practice. He played music and I laid across some chairs and sang along. Being married to a musician is totally going to be awesome. I give him a hard time for singing everything, but I secretly love it. Music radiates from him and he loves his job. We went home after church and I made a big pot of chicken enchilada soup and corn bread muffins. Jarrod helped a lot, which was great. I was not up for eating the soup, but had no trouble making it. While the soup was cooking we watched Leather Heads with George Clooney. I admit, I fell asleep as soon as it started and didn’t wake up until the credit were rolling. It was great to sleep for two ours on a Saturday afternoon without feeling guilty. I wasn’t really good for exegeting or studying, so it wasn’t wasted time.

After the movie, Jarrod ironed our church clothes and I lounged in bed. I was still feeling pretty horrible. It was an absolutely beautiful day and I was disappointed that I couldn’t walk 18 miles. I was disappointed that we couldn’t take Lucy to the park. But I was still building up hydration and strength. I was so thankful that Jarrod was so sweet to me and took such great care of me. He also reminded me that this is life and he wants this to be our life. He continued to remind me that he wanted to spend his life with me and sometimes people get sick. Taking care of each other is going to be our life. I could have done without the vomiting, but it was still a great weekend. It was nice to spend time with friends, be at church together, and spend the weekend playing house. We went to bed after SNL and slept all the way through the night. It was glorious compared to the night before! (And thankfully Jarrod never caught whatever it was that I had.)

Sunday mornings come early at Jarrod’s house. He was up by 5:45am walking the dog, drinking coffee and taking the longest shower on the planet. I got up an hour later and put on my nicely ironed outfit and was ready to go. Church was great. I’d been before, but that was the weekend Gustov hit, so no one was really around. It was nice to meet everyone; Jarrod is very well liked there. People made a point to introduce themselves to me and tell me how much they adore him. ☺ Aldersgate has three services: 8:15am traditional, 9:30am contemporary, and 11am traditional. I went to the first two services and then joined the 20-somethings for Sunday School. I was honored that they asked me. Jarrod doesn’t get to go to Sunday school because of worship, but is involved in the activities that they do outside of the Sunday school hour. The class was great and it was nice to see everyone again. After church we went to lunch with the group. There was left over meat from Friday night, so we grilled out. It was wonderfully fun. We really had a great time. Jarrod kept expressing how important it was to him that I was there and that I got along with his friends. He was so sweet about how much it meant to him that I was at church and how looking out into the congregation really energized him. I loved being able to watch him lead worship, doing exactly what he was created to do. It was beautiful.

After lunch Jarrod and I went to Good Will to put together out costumes for Trunk or Treat at the church. The 20-somethings had decorated a trailer and were dressing the theme “Born in the ‘80s.” As you can see, I got some rockin’ finds. Jarrod owned everything in his costume, including the high-top chuck tailors, but my outfit was created on Sunday afternoon. The mullet wig was a youth group donation to Jarrod’s costume…I think it totally made it, don’t you? I also want to point out that I am wearing leg warmers. And my hair would be in a side pony if I could have found a rubberband!

Trunk or treat was a blast. I got to meet everyone that I didn’t see on Sunday morning, sang with the 20-somethings, and enjoyed time hanging out. And it was nice that the trailer came in first place in the contest! We are already thinking about what our theme will be for next year. Any ideas??

After trunk or treat Jarrod’s pastors took us out for dinner and we got to talk church, politics, and life. They are great people and I always enjoy spending time with then. By the time we were done with dinner it was nearly 9pm…a LONG Sunday! We settled into our pjs and snuggled on the air mattress to watch Anchorman. I thought I hadn’t seen it, but it turns out that I had… 30 minutes into the movie I was sound asleep. It wasn’t much longer that Jarrod fell asleep and we decided it was probably time for bed.

Little did I know, but all of the weekend was building up to one moment… I sleepily walked to bed and was ready to fall back to sleep. I even told Jarrod not to set the alarm because I wanted to sleep in. As I was drifting off, Jarrod started talking about how wonderful the day was and how great it was to have me there. He kept saying how he wanted this to be our life. Yes, I do too. I told him he knew how to make that happen.

For weeks I’d been telling him that I was ready to spend my life with him, but that I was cautious to put all of my eggs in one basket. I would not plan to move there until we were engaged, but there was no rush, I was in no hurry. No pressure.

So, I tell Jarrod that he knows how to make this our life. He knows how to get me to move to Louisiana. He asked how to make that happen. I told him he just needed to ask.

Now, let me make a note. I was very sleepy. I had already been asleep in the living room and may I remind you that I slept on the bathroom floor the night before. I did not mean ask…me to marry you, I meant ask…me to move here. I was not asking him to propose. Honest!

He says, “Will you marry me?” I told him that he’s not serious. He turns on the light and tells me the ring is on the other side of the room. I’m starting to get excited. He asks again. I tell him I want to see the ring. He gets it and I realize that he is not only serious, but has been carrying it around in his pocket for most of the day. I get excited. He reminds me that I have not said anything yet. I ask him to ask me again. He does and I say, “Sure!” which I thought was very enthusiastic. Evidently Jarrod was looking for “Yes!” so he asks again and I said yes.

The ring he used was the same ring his dad used to propose to his mom and his brother used to propose to his sister. It’s precious and I am so thankful for the tradition. His family is fantastic and I’m lucky that they’ve accepted me. However, his mom had tiny fingers. The ring was a size 5. My fingers are sadly, not a size 5. It didn’t feel quite real because I could not wear the ring on my ring finger. But we were still excited. We talked for a while before jumping up to call family, text message friends (it was 11:30pm!) and see how long it would take to get a ring resized. His folks were waiting up for the call; they knew he was proposing. Everyone was thrilled. He asked his mom’s permission to resize the ring and thankfully she said that was fine. After the excitement, we went back to Anchorman before falling asleep in front of the TV. Life is so good.

On Monday morning I woke up excited and ready to get the ring to fit on the correct finger! I got ready and Jarrod started calling jewelers. He found one in the next town over that would resize it in a few hours so we jumped in the car and headed to get the ring resized. On the way, we continued to call friends, share the story, and spread excitement. Jarrod continued calling me his fiancé. Eventually I’ll get used to that…probably right before we get married…

The jewelry store was awesome. They promised to have the ring done by the afternoon and it was only $25! We drove back to the apartment to start cleaning…the apartment was a wreck! We cleaned and then ate lunch in front of desperate housewives, promising only to answer the phone for the jewelry store. After lunch we both started working. I had stuff to do for Moms Out Loud and Jarrod evidently had some running around chasing a tennis ball to do. ☺ At 2pm the jewelry store called and we raced over to get my ring! While we were there, Jarrod talked to them about setting a diamond for my permanent ring. The fantastic jewelry store actually creates rings from a sketch, if we want. We met the craftsman and were very pleased with their service. We found have found our jeweler!

We don’t have anything set in stone, but God willing, I will graduate on May 16th and move to Louisiana. We haven’t decided if we’ll stay in Jarrod’s apartment or move to another one. I will need to find a job in the area. More on that later. ☺ Right now we are looking at getting married on July 4th. Color scheme: red, white, and blue. Patriotic music is a necessity. 😉 Just kidding. We’re really looking at the 4th of July. Seems like a good day for traveling. We’re still checking with everyone that is important to us, but it will more than likely be in June or July. It will definitely be in Dallas, although we have not decided where exactly yet. The colors will be brown and blue, the music will be glorious, and there will be mashed potatoes. Get ready for a rockin’ party!

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