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Election Day

November 4, 2008

I finished two papers early yesterday evening and then enjoyed a wonderful glass of wine and some TV last night. Delightful! Countdown to the end of the semester is on. I know you’ve been waiting…

  • United Methodist History Midterm
  • World Religions Midterm
  • World Religions interview paper
  • New Testament Exegesis (DONE, due tomorrow!)
  • 4 short dialogue papers for world religions
  • Youth Ministry book review paper
  • World Religions take home final paper
  • New Testament Final
  • UM History Exam
  • Youth Ministry Interview paper final

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, which is super. The Youth Min paper is due in 2 weeks, but shoudn’t be terrible. The World Religions paper should equally not be terrible. The Youth min final interview paper should be decent as well. I need to interview two youth ministers, three youth, and write a one page paper on Jesus Camp. In the midst of this is the 3-day, Thanksgiving, and wedding planning!

I am very excited about the 3-day. I’m packing up, making lists, and feel prepared. I’m nervous, of course, and worried, but excited about spending time with old friends and making new friends. I’m thankful for a large back with wheels that is making packing go very smoothly. I’m also excited about Thanksgiving. Jarrod will be coming into town and we’re going to spend Thanksgiving with his family. I’m excited to have Jarrod back here to introduce him to more folks and share our engagement with our friends and family here.

I’m also very excited that today is Election Day. I voted on Friday, the last day to early vote, but I’m glad to see so many people voting today. I’m going to go home tonight and glue myself to CNN. It’s an exciting time in our country.

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