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November 30, 2008

I’m very sad that Thanksgiving is over. It is by far my favorite holiday ever. It was lovely to have Jarrod here this weekend and as much as I love Lindgren family Christmas, it was nice not to have to travel this year. Jarrod and I had a wonderful weekend.

We registered for gifts at Bed Bath & Beyond until our feet hurt and we had to go home and finish registering online. ūüôā

We distracted helped Tom and Jess get ready for Thanksgiving. I love spending time with them and it was great to have Jarrod there as well…Especially considering they are his family! I know Tom liked having more testosterone there as well.

We had great alone time watching TV, eating cinnamon rolls, and drinking wine.

We spent Thanksgiving at Tom and Jess’ with Jarrod family. The boys were hands-down the best part of the day. Jarrod’s nephews are 10 months old and are absolutely precious. They have darling curly hair and are just now starting to take their first steps. And they like me, which makes my heart happy. dscn0218dscn0192dscn0213



We watched the DiVinci Code even though we’d both already seen it.

We continued the Epworth tradition and shared in an evening devotional and prayer time. I love that we can do that.

We visited with Sue and Cindy about our flowers. They are going to be insanely gorgeous.

We checked out our reception site and tried to visualize where everything is going to go.

We went to Half Price Books and Jarrod was happy.

We went to dinner with some of my all time favorite people. My heart has never been so happy. This is why our guest list is ever-expanding. We are both so loved.dscn0227dscn0230

We went bowling for Jess’ birthday.¬†Also fun. Jarrod won.

We had breakfast¬†with Jarrod’s family and talked about life. They are¬†such good people and I¬†am so thankful for their warm acceptance of me.

Jarrod left¬†at lunchtime today and since then I have been relaxing/working. I am finishing up my youth ministry paper that is due¬†on the 5th. I typed up Jarrod’s guests from the two church directories he circled¬†up for me.¬†I cuddled with my kitties. I’m doing a lot of babysitting¬†the next two weeks, which will make time go by quicker.¬†After finals¬†I am heading to Slidell to spend Christmas with Jarrod. We leave Christmas day for New Jersey for engagement pictures, engagement party, and meeting the folks. Should be fun! After a packed few days on the east coast, we’ll fly back to NOLA and drive to spend more Christmas time with¬†his family in Farmers Branch. It’ll be nice to spend so much time with Jarrod. It’s a VERY busy time for him and I’m looking forward to some relaxation while he works long hours.

Life is good.

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