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December 7, 2008

As the semester winds down, I’m working on not getting stressed. It has been an incredibly difficult and most wonderful semester to date. My grades have suffered some due to my lack of focus on school. But I am thrilled with the amazing things going on in my life from my fantastic roommates to Jarrod and his family. Wedding planning is getting smoother and smoother. I bought my wedding dress on Friday because my friends were in town and knew they would be GREAT helpers. I was not disappointed with their mad dress-picking-out skills. I ended up buying the first dress that I saw in the first store. I hear this is not uncommon, although I’m not sure why. I had to try on at least 25 dresses after that one to make sure it was the real deal. It is. 🙂

I bought it at Circle Park Bridal which means that I got to leave with my dress. It needs a few alterations including a bustle, some hook and eyes, and to be taken in on both sides, but it is gorgeous and perfect. Jarrod reads this, so I’ll just say it is simple, elegant, classy, goes with my curly hair, has some unique details, and is just sparkly enough. 😉 I adore it.

Jarrod also picked up my engagement ring on Friday. He had it set by his new best friend, Aaron, our jeweler. He loves Aaron and seems to be VERY pleased with the ring. All I know about that is that it is white gold and gorgeous. Hopefully he’ll let me have it soon… I can’t wait to see it!

Two more finals until the end of the semester. The first is New Testament and that is on Monday morning. I have a LOT of studying to do tomorrow in order to be ready for that. Then Wednesday is UM History. I’m babysitting a lot after that and leave early Sunday morning for Slidell. I’m going down early for a variety of reasons, the most important being that I’ll get to see Jarrod as Michael the Mouse in the children’s musical at church. I’ll take pictures, don’t worry!

7002-600Renee also picked out her bridesmaid dress on Friday. She looks stunning in it and I think she feels really good in it. I decided to just give my bridesmaids free reign to get whatever Alfred Angelo dress in espresso that they want. It needs to be short and needs to make them feel really pretty. That’s all that matters to me. I also ordered our invitation and save the date supplies and envelopes to start crafting when I get to Slidell. I’m excited about that. Things are coming together VERY quickly, which is terrifying and wonderful all at the same time. I told Jarrod that I am scared and he does not understand, which I think is a good sign. I’m not scared about marrying Jarrod, I’m thrilled about that. I’m scared something is going to go wrong or something between now and then or beyond the 4th of July. My cats will make him sneeze forever. My family will make him crazy. He’ll figure out my quirks and decide he does not want to spend his life with me. I’ll trip down the aisle. All of these things worry me and yet I know none of them are even on Jarrod’s radar. He’s a wonderful man.

I need to finish my UM History review before bed and I’m exhausted. Trying on dresses yesterday really wore me out. It was almost as tiring as the first day of the 3 day!


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