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December 10, 2008

I just finished my last final of the semester! Wahoo! I also picked up my New Testament exegesis paper and found that I got an A!!! Not an A-, but a solid A! I’m thrilled because I started writing it before I got engaged, finished it after, and turned it in the day before the 3-day. Certainly my brain was not totally engaged during that time… I’m also thrilled because a lot of my grade was still up in the air entering the final, which made me very concerned. Now I know I had nothing to worry about. I’m also glad that I got an A because I worked VERY hard on the paper. Jarrod had this class last year and warned me that she was a tough grader. She definitely was.

It is VERY cold in Dallas today. I’m wearing my comfy hoody in honor of finals day. I’m also headed to lunch with my second favorite music minister ever. I’m picking up the kitties this evening and I’m bringing them to Jessica and Tom’s tonight. they are going to watch them until Sunday morning when I leave for Louisiana!

Life is good.

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