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Update from New Jersey!

December 27, 2008

Jarrod and Courtney ready to open gifts.

After the marathon Christmas Eve, Jarrod and I flew to Newark early Christmas morning. We arrived in the middle of the afternoon and Dad and Courtney picked us up. We went back to Dad’s house to hang out and open presents. Jarrod was excited to meet my family and they all really seemed to like him. We ate a big family dinner and then sat around hanging out. We ended the day with the Dark Knight.


Jarrod and I practicing for our engagement shots.


Courtney got Jarrod a light up menorah!

We woke up on Friday morning to get ready for engagement pictures!!! It was about 30 degrees outside and snow was still on the ground, but Jarrod and I bundled up and I think we got some GREAT shots. We took them outside on the big tree swing and on the rocking chairs outside. Then we came in to take them on the stairs inside. After engagement shots, it was time for Family pictures. We changed into our navy sweaters and snuggled with the siblings. I think we got some great shots of all of us also. Marie is sending out new years cards this year with our pictures and a little note. Jarrod was very honored to have been included. I’ll share pictures when I can. 🙂

After pictures, Courtney, Jarrod and I packed up and went to Enterprise. Dad rented us a car to make things easier. I chose a sporty two door Eclipse. It’s awesome! We drove down to Courtney’s apartment, met Charlie (her kitty), picked up stromboli and went to mom’s. Turns out, Jarrod loves stromboli because it mixes his favorite things: pepperoni and cheese. We opened presents and Mom LOVED the calendar we made for her. She got Jarrod and I a beautiful candle holder and Christmas candles because it’s a tradition in her family to light a candle on Christmas eve. It’s beautiful and means a lot to us.


Jarrod and I in front of Independence Hall.


Jarrod and I in front of Christ Church.


Jarrod and I in front of the Liberty Bell. Mom thinks this should be our save the date picture. 😉


Notice the huge menorah to the left.

After opening gifts with mom, we went into Philly to walk around. We saw the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Christ Church, and a light up menorah. Courtney took us to South Street in Philly for amazing frozen yogurt and some Condom Kingdom (Jarrod wishes I was joking!). Then we drove up to our old stomping ground and went to the diner for dinner. After the most amazing baked potato soup in a bread bowl, we piled into mom’s car and went to Shadybrook to look at Christmas lights. That was great fun! Then we gave Jarrod the tour of Heather Ridge, Quarry Hill, Pennwood, and the high schools. After the tour, we went back to Mom’s and got in our sporty car to go back to Dad’s. Iron Chef, a glass of wine, and bed.

Now it is morning. Courtney, Jarod, and I are going to hang out. Dad and Marie are getting ready for the engagement party tonight, so we’ll going to stay out of the way. I think sushi, a trip to Mary’s store in Clinton, and a movie are all on the agenda. We thought about going into Manhattan to see the tree, but decided that after our busy tourist day yesterday and our party tonight, that we’d just lay low today.

Stay tuned for pictures and stories.

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