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Everyone Deserves a Lifetime

January 19, 2009

dscn0155The Breast Cancer 3-day Commercials have begun. I see them on TV and hear them on the radio. They bring tears to my eyes and I cannot believe I have the chance to be apart of something so fantastic. If you get tears in your eyes when you see the precious little boy in the shirt that says “My Mom is a Breast Cancer Survivor.” The new commercial this year requests people to do something that matters. Do you want to do something that matters? Consider walking with the Rack Pack. Not in Dallas? Register to walk in another one of the 15 walks all over the country. If you can’t commit to walking, donate. I have committed to raising $2,300 this year for breast cancer research and prevention. I know I can do it, but I’d LOVE to meet my goal sooner rather than later. Between now and November I’ll graduate with my masters degree, get married, and move to Louisiana. If you are moved to make the world a better place, donate today. Don’t wait. If you wait until you have enough to “really make a difference” you’ll never do it. $10 makes a difference. $1,000 makes  a difference. Donate what you can. Need more inspiration? Watch this or read this.

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