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SO excited!!

March 30, 2009

necklace-weddingI spent the weekend in Georgia (more on that later). While at the airport on Friday, I received an e-mail from Denise with a picture of my new necklace! The brown bead is a swarovski crystal brown pearl that JUST came out. The teal bead is also swarovski crystal. She was wonderful in accommodating our wedding colors; she would have done whatever I wanted and had some great ideas as well! It is on a 20″ chain.

What I love best about it is that it is handmade.  As per the website:

Hand Stamped Silver is designed and hand stamped to order by Lauren Nicole, LLC without the use of a machine. The hand stamped silver jewelry has a “hand made” look to it and the letter tools we use are not always perfectly sized or symmetrical. No two pieces of jewelry are exactly alike and we feel that this adds to the uniqueness and creativity of each piece. All hand stamped silver pieces are tumbled and hand polished for a mirror shine; we use a professional oxidising solution to darken the letters; we do not use a black sharpie marker.

I am just thrilled. On top of that, it was obviously packaged with caredscn0215 in this precious tin. I dscn0214apologize that the quality is not great. I need some help getting my camera to take good pictures of things close.:-) Just know that it has cute green flowers on it and will be used to hold my rings and earrings when I travel.

I cannot say enough about Lauren Nicole, LLC. I received her e-mail with the picture on Friday morning and the package came in the mail on Monday. Can’t beat that!!!

Check out her amazing handmade jewelry and accessories on her website at and her blog at (There are lots of GREAT deals and giveaways on her blog!!) Get beautiful things and feel good about supporting an awesome small business.


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