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Tips for Fundraising

April 4, 2009

3day_ambassador_badgeWhen you register for the Breast Cancer 3-day you are committing to raising $2,300 that goes directly to raising awareness and research for breast cancer. If they do not raise the money by registration, they have two choices. 1) Not walk. The money will still be donated, but the goal does not need to be met. 2) Pay the remaining balance out of pocket. This understanding makes it very important to fundraise, fundraise, fundraise as early as possible. Recently, my sister and I have developed two interesting and somewhat unique ideas.

  1. Match your donations. Between now and April 22nd I will be donating $10 in honor of every person who donates anything. Donate $5 and I’ll turn it in to $15. I’m hoping this encourages people to donate even a little bit. With still many months until the walk, I’m hopeful that this will encourage people to donate early. Receiving donations early not only releases some of my stress, but also allows me the opportunity to funnel later donations to the rest of my team to help them meet their goal of $2,300.
  2. Print business cards. The 3-day website is incredible and provides a wonderful template for business cards. My sister and I decided to take up on their offer of free business cards. We decided to jazz them up a bit and print both sides withbackbusiness-card-for-3-day color. We got 250 business cards for something like $22 including shipping. We are splitting the cost by putting both of our names on the cards and left off the date in case we have extras and want to use them next year. Our plan is to hand them to everyone we see.

Just like it’s never too early to start training, it’s never too early to start fundraising. $2,300 sounds like a lot but between company matches, organized fundraisers, and lots of donations, it is possible for everyone to reach. Ask everyone. You never know what kind of connection people have with breast cancer. Every $5 donation helps.

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  1. April 7, 2009 10:23 am

    Great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. April 7, 2009 11:01 am

    Hi! I saw that the 3-Day twittered out your site, so I came by to visit. I walked last year and was a training walk leader and ambassador, but due to a scheduling conflict I am unable to this year. I wish you lots of luck!


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