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Update from Crazy-town!

April 22, 2009

I have a thoughtful post in my drafts but need some time to edit before I publish, but I thought I at least owe an update! First of all, it is officially my 27th birthday. Jarrod calls it 30-3, which is fine, because he’s older than me. (by 4 months…) Second, you have 24 hours left to donate to to my breast cancer 3-day page to receive an additional $10 donated by me in honor of you! A huge thank you to Heather and family, Dad and Marie, Carrie, and Jason, Susan and family for your donations. Check out my breast cancer 3-day page to see your name on the honor roll! Third, Jarrod was here this weekend for my birthday, our engagement pictures, and to see his family.dscn0241 It was an incredibly busy weekend full of picking out tuxes, a SUPER awesome engagement shoot, and delicious food at the Melting Pot. Jarrod and I had a blast visiting with family and friends all weekend. We spent time at the reception site with Cindy, in Frisco with our favorites, and in Garland with Tom and Jessica.dscn0254 I can’t wait to see how incredible our engagement pictures turned out. Rachel did such an excellent job and we really had a great time. Because of all the rain on Friday, we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to do it, but Rachel was so flexible with us and drove her whole family (triplet boys!) to Prosper for our shoot. The rain went away after about 15 minutes and hopefully we got some awesome pictures without too much editing. She was so patient with us and the photos I saw on her camera were absolutely incredible. I cannot wait to see them finished!

Things for the wedding are really coming together. I bought plates and napkins today, placed another order with Denise from Lauren Nicole Gifts (who was spectacular as usual!) a few days ago, and have decided to go the environmentally friendly route by not having water bottles, but rather having pretty glass things so that people can get their own water in their own reuseable cup! It’s only 73 days left until the wedding, which completely blows my mind. But that’s for another post on another day.

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