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Why others walk.

May 24, 2009

3day_ambassador_badgeI’ve been searching the 3-day message boards to try and find some friends in Louisiana to train with. I’m looking for friends in general in the area and thought this would be a great way to make friends separate from Jarrod. (We did join the church today, though, and I’m hoping that helps me feel more connected here. More on that later.) While I was searching the boards, I found a link to this website. Perhaps you’ve already seen it. I find it incredible. These men have dedicated more than just 3 days of their life, they have dedicated years. They walk, crew, and raise money. It’s a full-time hobby I’m sure. I’m especially impressed with Pink Beard Barry.

People who commit to walking in ALL the Breast Cancer 3-days around the country really astound me. Not only have they committed 15 weekends of their life to walking, 30 nights in a tent, walking 900 miles (not including training!) but they will raise $34,500 this year ALONE! Absolutely incredible.

152134686v4_240x240_Front_Color-BlackWhiteI love the calendars that the 60-mile men sell. GREAT fundraising idea! And the t-shirts!I especially like the shirt that says “My wife is a 60-mile woman.” I also loved reading about each of the guys. They walk for their wives, in honor of their mothers, and so their daughters don’t have to live in a world with breast cancer. I am reminded why I walk when others articulate why they walk. I’ve written many times before about the sense of community the 3-day establishes and how proud I am to be part of something so awesome.

Inspired yet? I’m halfway to my goal of $500 in May. I have between 60 and 600 viewers each day. Consider donating just $5. If everyone did, we’d be $300 closer to a cure for breast cancer. Please donate today.


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