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Just an update.

May 31, 2009

With the wedding just 5 weeks away, I figured it was time for me to post just a regular old update. Here are some things that are relatively new in my life…

  1. I started working full time last Tuesday. Same place that hired me part time, they just decided to hire me full time. I knew it was coming at some point, but did not expect it as early as it came. I am learning so much because it is in a field I have never really worked before. Working part time left me spending most of my hours training and feeling pretty dumb. Now that I am full time I feel like I am catching on quicker and doing thihngs that are actually helpful. My commute is only about 30 minutes, so I am loving that too!
  2. Jarrod and I found a place to live! The lease is up at his current apartment at the end of June, so we will move to a gorgeous complex across town on June 27th. If you’re keeping track, that’s a week before our wedding. 🙂 The apartment complex is absolutely gorgeous and we both fell in love with it on our first visit. The price went up a little bit while we were debating, but with me working full time, it isn’t more than we can afford. We’re on the second floor with a gorgeous view and the complex is right on the water with a boat dock. I think I am most excited about having a place that is OURS.
  3. Jarrod and I joined the church. He’s been working there a year but never joined. We had planned to join “as a family” after the wedding. I couldn’t wait, so I pushed him to join earlier. I just wanted to feel like I really belonged somewhere. I know it might sound silly, but moving all the way here, leaving my friends and good grocery stores, and not really knowing what life looks like in 6 weeks, I wanted to say that I was a member of the church here. So we joined. It was beautiful.
  4. It is SO humid in this part of Louisiana! It’s like 98% humidity when the sun is shining and the sky is clear. I don’t really understand it, but I do not like it. Training outside has become difficult because it wears me out so much more! The full time job is cramping my training style, but I do manage to get out several times a week (usually with Lucy!) for a several mile walk. There’s a park near our house so we take a walk through the forest there and through a neighborhood before heading home. She LOVES it!
  5. I miss my friends. I miss Dallas. I miss my little friends. (“Twirl, Lele, twirl!” makes me cry most days.) I miss not knowing people and people not knowing me. I mean, people here KNOW me because I’m the music minister’s fiance. But they don’t really know me. I am so thankful for Jarrod and some of the close friends we have here. I think I’m doing pretty well. I really like my job, I like our church, and I’m going to LOVE our new apartment. I’m keeping a positive attitude like 95% of the time. But sometimes I just really miss Dallas. I can’t wait to see everyone in less than 5 weeks.

There’s the update. It is hard to believe that in 5 weeks the wedding will be over. Time is FLYING, but I’m glad for that because I’m pretty ready for the wedding to be over so we can get on with our lives. It’s stressful, but I’m so looking forward to it. We’ll be in Dallas in two weeks for another wedding and to get our marriage license. I’m looking forward to seeing folks again. Then we’ll just be 3 weeks away! Totally nuts.

I’ve been cooking a lot lately (Jarrod has too!) so I plan on sharing recipes soon. I’ve been making whole wheat sandwich bread from scratch, homemade pizza, and I’m starting to try out some new recipes. We’re getting into the groove of cooking together and for each other, which is helpful…especially after a long day of work and a night of walking and TV! 🙂

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