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A 3-day Update

June 4, 2009

3day_ambassador_badgeTraining in Louisiana is hard because it’s so dang humid. If I got up before work to train or lived in a neighborhood where I could train after dark (and wasn’t already so dang tired!) this would not be a problem. I’m hoping when the wedding is over I’ll have more energy to train and by then we will live in a gorgeous apartment complex on the water that hopefully has some great places to walk as well.

I did not meet my goal of $500 in May, but I did get $300 and one on the way in donations. Not terrible at all! Still want to donate? It’s NEVER too late! 🙂

I’ve run out of things to write about as a Breast Cancer 3-day Ambassador. Do you have specific or general questions about what you will experience on the 3-day, best fundraising techniques, or training? Send them to leanne.lindgren (at) and I’ll do my best to answer them! You can also leave questions in the comments section here. If you haven’t read my previous posts about the 3-day, you can see a topical index here.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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