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Weekend Update

June 14, 2009

Jarrod and I had a crazy whirl-wind of a weekend. We planned this weekend several weeks ago because we discovered that we would need to make a special trip to Dallas to get our marriage license. We decided to make it the weekend our friends Jared and Alina got married! I took Friday off of work and Jarrod, who already gets Friday off, took Thursday off. Jarrod drove his pick-up truck and arrived at Tom and Jessica’s house in time to head to the Ranger’s game with his borther. I flew in after work and arrived at Love Field at 9pm, completely exhausted.

12088402-8286825a2e8cdf6e273952383b3845ce_4a352d8f-scaledFriday morning we woke up early and got ready to go get our marriage license! We had absolutely no idea how long this would take, so we made a list of MUST DO errands and a list of WOULD BE NICE errands. We got to the justice of the peace before 10am and were out of there by 10:30am or so. Of course we had to take some pictures, even though there were signs everywhere telling us to turn off our cell phones. 🙂12090350

After securing the marriage license, we headed to the mall to 1) return make up that I paid way too much for to hate as much as I did 2) get little bro a graduation gift and 3) get Jarrod a new cell phone. Check, check and check!

Then we headed up to lunch with our dear friend Laurie. We adore Laurie. I love that she and Jarrod would have had a lovely time and plenty to talk about even if I wasn’t there. We are so thrilled that she will be leading the music at our wedding. Besides the amazing company, we also had a delightful meal. No Pei Wei in Slidell, so we had to get it in Dallas. 🙂

After lunch we made a quick stop at Michael’s for a craft supply that they didn’t have… Then we visited with our favorite flower girls and ring bearer. We delivered birthday gifts as the twins are now THREE! We left 90 minutes later after jumping on the trampoline, lots of hugs, and with our engagement pictures and water color paintings for our fridge. From there, we went to visit with Jarrod’s aunts, our amazing florists. We cannot wait to see the incredible things they are going to do with our flowers. They will be vibrant, gorgeous, and striking. I am thrilled. And we really enjoy spending time with them, so that’s awesome too.

After our flower appointment, we went to run more errands. We picked up the craft I was looking for at ANOTHER Michael’s, got a wedding gift for Jared and Alina, and picked up a take-and-bake pizza. Before we got to Tom and Jessica’s, we stopped by my old house to get the last of my wedding supplies to organize them in the room I’ve taken over… 🙂 We baked the incredibly delicious pizza and crashed. I was asleep by 11pm. Lovely, but busy day!

7am Saturday morning my alarm went off and I jumped into my work-out clothes and Jarrod and I headed to my old house to load up the truck with my bed and a few chairs. I’m officially moved out, but don’t want to talk about it because it’s very sad. 😦 Then we ran back home and showered up for breakfast with the family. We had poor service but great food and fun with Tom, Jess, the boys, Will, and Jarrod’s parents. Awesome. After breakfast we ran back to the house to finish packing up, changed clothes into wedding attire, and drove downtown to watch Jared and Alina get married!

The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous. Alina was stunning and Jared was beaming. Jared’s parents (my Jarrod’s pastors) looked so proud. It was incredible to see them officially join their lives together. However, just 3 weeks before our own wedding, I was a basketcase through the ceremony. I balled. The bridesmaids processed to Canon in D, my own processional. I couldn’t hold it together. Hearing them share their vows, knowing that in just days Jarrod and I will be making the same promises was too much for me. I hope that sobbing through their ceremony means that I will be able to hold it together for ours. I pray there won’t be ugly crying like there was about 11 months ago!

Life is busy, but definitely wonderful. It’s going to be a busy week of VBS, packing, work, and cooking. I’ll update you with our new favorite recipes soon!

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