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I feel like a winner.

June 23, 2009

3day_ambassador_badgeSeveral months ago I filled out a form to be an online ambassador for the Breast Cancer 3-day. I was already blogging about my experience in the 2008 3-day. I wasn’t really sure exactly what I would need to do, but I was up for the challenge. The journey began with this post. It was about a month and a half after that when I discovered Twitter and the 3-day on Twitter. This was incredible! Before that, I wasn’t actually sure anyone was reading my 3-day posts. Once my posts hit Twitter and Facebook, I was motivated to write because I knew people were actually reading my posts!

It wasn’t about becoming 3-day famous. It was all about helping people. I was passionate about sharing my experience with others so that they could have the best 3-day experience possible. I wrote posts like these about fundraising, packing, my favorite products, and community. I love getting comments and feedback from other walkers, especially first-time walkers. Hearing questions, concerns, and fears of first-time walkers and sharing my experiences makes me feel like I’m helping ease some of their anxieties about the walk. Walking 60 miles, raising $2,300, and preparing for the 3-day is daunting. Thankfully teams, blogs, message boards, Facebook, and Twitter bring walkers closer together even before the event.

All this is to say, I love being a 3-day ambassador. A few weeks ago I ran out of topics. I didn’t get any questions, so I put posting about the 3-day on the back burner. Afterall, I’m getting married in 11 days. 🙂 Today, I received an e-mail that made me feel like a winner and brought tears to my eyes. The subject is “A Special Thank You” and it is from Celeste, Social Media Strategist for the Breast Cancer 3-day. I had just come out of a work meeting, so I scanned the e-mail, figuring it was “generic” (Sorry, Celeste!!). I had to read it three times before I realized what it really was!

Breast Cancer 3-Day sponsor New Balance is kindly allowing us to offer one Online Ambassador an outfit and shoes provided as a thank you for their dedication to the cause. Because you’ve done such an amazing job with all of your useful and relevant blog posts, I’d like to extend the offer to you.

Thank you so much for being such an integral part of the Online Ambassador program.

Celeste asked me to respond with my sizes, name, address, etc. to receive my outfit. I am honored, humbled, and in awe. First, obviously I LOVE New Balance. I have no idea what this outfit will look like, but I am thrilled. I feel like I won a contest that I didn’t know I entered! Beyond that, I had to really think about where to send this to and to whom. I don’t imagine that Celeste will have everything ready to go before Friday, so I had her mail it to Leanne Johnston at my new address. Crazy!

Another note, we’re moving. Jarrod gets the keys to our new place on Friday and we start moving immediately. Saturday we have friends helping Jarrod with the heavy lifting and I’m unpacking and organizing in the air conditioning. 🙂 Sunday we’ll do church as normal, continue unpacking and repacking, Monday and Tuesday are normal work days, and Wednesday I’m working until noon and then driving to Dallas to pick up my sister and stay with my future brother and sister in law in Dallas to prepare for our wedding!!!!! It’s absolutely nuts how quickly it snuck up on me. I’m getting more and more excited, but I’m also getting more and more absent minded. I’ve begun packing my bag for the wedding and have lists everywhere. I made a folder and printed out my schedule and any directions that I might need for the weekend. Organization for the win!


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