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Brief Update

July 12, 2009

An update of the update…I added pictures!

I don’t have pictures right now, but will post some soon… After a delightful night in Dallas at a gorgeous hotel (one that I have ALWAYS wanted to stay in) Jarrod and I hit the road to come home. We left with a car FULL of presence and wedding stuff and drove straight to Slidell. We arrived home to two sweet kitties at about 9pm on Sunday evening. We spent a few hours opening presents and unpacking before completely crashing. On Monday we woke up and went grocery shopping at Walmart. We were out of EVERYTHING, so it was essential. 🙂 Then we packed up and headed to New Orleans to continue our honeymoon. We arrived a little to early to check in, so we left our luggage and went shopping! We got some great kitchen stuff, had a slice of pizza, and enjoyed the city. It was rainy, which was actually nice. Not too hot.

DSCN0318Our hotel was gorgeous. We had a huge room with a separate living/dining and full kitchen. We slowly got ready for our first dinner in the city. Dinner was at Luke. I took pictures of our meals because they were incredible. We ordered DSCN0322french fries as an appetizer and they were heavenly. I had a ravioliDSCN0323 and Jarrod had shrimp. Jarrod always has shrimp. DSCN0324🙂 For dessert we took vanilla cakeDSCN0326 and coffee ice creamDSCN0325 back to the room to enjoy their later. We dropped the desserts and left again to enjoy the city a little more. Dinner didn’t take long at all, so we still had a few hours before we were ready to go to bed. So we went to Pat O’Briens.DSCN0329 We enjoy it there, although since I’d just been to Pete’s, it wasn’t as good as it normally is… We requested “Livin’ On a Prayer” in honor of our recent marriage and everyone was excited about that. We were still in bed by 11pm. 🙂

Tuesday we vowed to not leave the hotel until lunch. I woke up and watched the Bachelorette on my computer and Jarrod read Harry Potter. Delightful morning!! We headed out before lunch to the other side of New Orleans. We ate at Pascal’s Manale, as recommended by Alex Guarnaschelli on The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Jarrod did have the barbecue shrimpDSCN0339 that was recommended, but the best thing WE ate there was this amazing fried cheese. We love cheese and this mozzarella was so fresh and fried just for us. INCREDIBLE! DSCN0335

After our meal, we parked the car and wandered around a gorgeous side of town. We went to a beautiful and HUGE bookstore and spent time just wandering around looking at books. It was leisurely and relaxing. After our walk, we headed back to the hotel to relax and clean up before dinner.

We ate at Bacco, where a friend of ours works. DSCN0345Hands down the best food and service we received all weekend. Jarrod ate some very messy shrimp, but I’ve never seen him that happy about food before, and we LOVE food. DSCN0341I had pot roast with mashed potatoes that made me really happy also. We got bread pudding and lemon icebox cake for dessert back in the hotel. We were home in time to watch Chopped, which we love.

All in all, the time we spent together was necessary and meaningful. We are so thankful for the friends that helped make it possible. Jarrod kept staring at me smiling and saying how beautiful I am and how happy he is that we’re married. How lucky am I?

Now we are getting settled in our new place and getting back into the swing of work. Thankfully, we both came back to jobs that we love and enjoy. We are spending time hanging pictures, making great food together, and figuring out how to be married. Life is good.

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  1. Pam DeSimone permalink
    July 12, 2009 12:52 pm

    I’m so happy for you both. You deserve joy and comfort.
    Love you both.

  2. July 13, 2009 12:26 pm

    I’m really glad you two had a good time. Be sure to post pics of your new place on the water!

    And read the greatest new blog to hit the net!!!!!! If you don’t you’ll die… hard.

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